Our Story

Thank you for visiting our virtual store! If you are reading this, it means you are curious enough to learn more about Lilipou. If you keep digging you will discover the 'Why and Who' of Lilipou! We are Daphne & Loucas and this is our little dream in the heart of Limassol.


Lilipou holds a curated collection of usable, audible, wearable and visual art for everyday life. Imagined and brought to life by husband and wife Loucas & Daphne, through Lilipou we aim to encourage a more sustainable way of living.

Everyday art. The wonderful thing about a community is the variety of individuals that reside in it. The unique touch we each have to offer is important in making an otherwise chaotic world more pleasant. When we all come together and do this, we are able to enrich each other’s worlds to an extraordinary degree.

Art is the most playful and creative way to express our experience. Art can be found in everyday items. Art can be functional. Art should be accessible to everyone. This is the idea that drove us to create Lilipou.

Sustainability. Lilipou’s eclectic collection has been curated with the mindset that ‘the more thought we put into which objects we choose to use in our daily life the more quality they will provide to our life as they will be less disposable and more sustainable’.


Each product has a story and a creator who is showcased and brought to the spotlight – in a time of mass production. The collection is inspired by natural elements, lively playful colors aiming to support independent artists and designers. Books, stationery, ceramic tableware, home décor, jewelry and more can be found in store.

You can always come say "Hi" and meet us in person at Zik Zak street and experience the heartwarming experience of the actual store. 


Daphne & Loucas