Melina Galati & Jose Luis Falco Moya - The SEED-EE Collection by Claroplants

Plants and seeds are magical! Growing plants from seeds connects us to the circle of life and the infinite ability of nature to surprise and delight. The act of germination, planting of seeds and then watching them grow is an incredibly grounding and humbling experience that feeds our soul.
With an innovative and minimalistic approach, designers Melina and Jose aim to support nature's growth in an urban-friendly and elegant re-proposal of houseplants.

Melina Galati is a designer born in Cyprus with her heart stolen by Italy. She started her journey in Florence where she studied Interior and Product design and was then cuddled strongly by Milan, where she started her professional career. She returned to her island after 14 years and brought with her a suitcase full of ideas and creativity.

Melina introduces a different and fun way to grow soil-free plants (hydroponically), in a playful, simple and ergonomic way. Her distinctive aesthetic draws inspiration from nature, colors, shapes and forms.











*Opening: Friday 5th May, 7pm*
Exhibition duration: 5-14 May 2023
Lilipou Gift Store - 3, Zik Zak str. Limassol
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Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 4pm-7pm
Sat: 10am-2pm