Lilipou presents Stefany - Yiasu Ceramics

A young potter from Limassol who started her journey when she was "adopted" by a family of potters and got to learn the craft hands-on. Having received no formal education in pottery, she is mainly driven by a passion for clay and experimentation. It is exactly the product of that passion, you now possess.

Excited as she is with this field, she refuses to settle with one aesthetic direction, oscillating from playful to minimal, from rustic to clear. It is through time and exposure you get to notice the subtle elements which make up her line of work. A rookie as she feels, she hopes to continue exploring, one bag of clay at a time. With the purchase of each object you support Stefany in pursuing what she loves.


You can find Stefany's products in our shop on Zik Zak street. 

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