Souzana Petri - Cacti


Souzana Petri, artist and ceramist exhibits in Limassol for the first time in an exhibition hosted by Lilipou.

Prickly Pears, "paputsosyka" in the Cypriot dialect (literally translated "shoe-figs") are the juicy and tasty fruit found in Cyprus during the summer. They are the fruit of a large cactus plant which grows widely on the island. They are also the source of inspiration for Cypriot ceramist Souzana Petri for this unique ceramic collection.

Souzana was born in Nicosia and graduated from University of Brighton in England from the course 3D Design and Crafts with specialization in Ceramics and Metals. Since 2016 she has been running her own workshop in Nicosia where she teaches ceramics. She uses clay as a way of expression so as to send her own messages to the viewer. The main theme of her work is inspired by the Ancient history of Cyprus, adding modern elements.
Most recently Souzana has been experimenting with other materials such as copper, which she uses to create natural forms and elements.
Her work has been featured in various exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.






*Exhibition duration and opening hours: 4-11 August 2022, 4pm-8pm* 




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