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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." -Picasso-

A gift goes a long way!

Gift giving is an ancient tradition which permeates all cultures and aspects of our human experience.
Whether you are giving a gift to yourself or someone you love, it is a great form of expression to show your appreciation.
A valuable item is one you can form a relationship with. The things we use become part of our life. All our items are built with this sense of longevity and quality in mind. Enrich your life by selecting the things you fill it with.

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A life with color!

We believe in what we do. We really really do! This is why we quit our jobs during the pandemic to start Lilipou. Now more than ever it is instrumental to bring some colour into our lives. We discovered, an easy and effective means is filling our life with colourful things we can appreciate day to day. Creating a valuable experience is very important for us. You'll understand as soon as you taste your morning coffee in one of our handmade mugs!